Battery Requirements

Battery Specification:

A special battery was developed to reach better performance and increase the lifetime of the product.

It consists of a double pack battery that works from 23°F to 140°F. The lifetime expected is more than 1000 cycles, it can reach more than a year of working days.

A special and sealed compartment was desyned at the bottom of the Solar Brick Light to place the batteries.

There is a unique o-ring plus four stainless steel screws to keep the product sealed.

Battery Replacement:

Watch the video and follow the steps to replace the battery.


WARNING: Do not remove the screws of the battery compartment and o-ring except when the replacing battery is needed. Do not use or replace the Solar Brick batteries with regular batteries. It will damage the product, and the warranty will be lost. A Battery Replacement Kit is available on our website. Do not remove the ten outer border screws, otherwise, the sealing will be lost. Watch the video "Solar Brick Light Battery Replacement".