About Us

SOLAR HITS MISSION is to be recognized as eco-friendly and innovative company of United States under three pillars:

  • Solar Technology
  • Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Iot (Internet of Things)

SOLAR HITS VISION is to promote renewable solar energy and encourage people, communities, and businesses to use this technology for a better world.

SOLAR HITS was founded in 2015, in Florida, by a Brazilian Entrepreneur and Chemical Engineer who wants to build and offer not only ordinary solar products but solar solutions with extraordinary technology and sustainable energy.

Launched in 2017, the Solar Brick Lights by SOLAR HITS has been updated, combining beauty, efficiency and high-performing. In January 2019, the company obtained the PATENT PENDING by USPTO (Title: “Solar Brick with movement and position sensing and NFC–Enable Communication Capabilities”), that it was based and proposed in intelligent use to capture solar energy through specific software, photovoltaic energy and electronic components providing powerful technology for its unique line of solar brick lights.

Still in 2019, SOLAR HITS expanded its portfolio using other brands and introducing a wide range of solar products: solar wall lights, floor and lawn lights, beyond a selection in sizes and color of solar brick lights. You will find large ways to light up your place using the free energy of the sun.

From February, SOLAR HITS has its products marketed by its own SOLAR HITS® brand.

And this is just the beginning. SOLAR HITS continues to bring the best in solar products and renewable energy. Solar energy is the present and the future! What are you waiting for?

If you need additional information please contact us at contact@solarhits.us.

SOLAR HITS team is courteous and looks forward to assisting you with your project.